The Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) is a web service that provides machine learning as a service for Wikimedia Projects. The system is designed to help automate critical wiki-work — for example, vandalism detection and removal. This service is developed as a project of the Wikimedia Scoring Platform team.

Scores API

ORES is intended to be used as a source of information by tool developers. To access ORES, scores, a simple RESTful API is provided. There are two versions of the scoring API that differ slightly in their behavior. Version 2 provides access to model info in a scoring request. Version 1 is preserved for backwards compatibility.

Version 3 (docs)
The current recommended version of the API.
Accessible via /v3/scores/.
Version 2 (docs)
Preserved for backwards compatibility.
Accessible via /v2/scores/.
Version 1 (docs)
Preserved for backwards compatibility -- this version of the API implements ORES original behavior.
Accessible via /scores/ and /v1/scores/.

Reference scoring user interface

ORES provides a simple user interface for obtaining scores. See /ui/.

Version information

See /versions/.

On-wiki documentation

To read more about the service and the models available, see:


See On-wiki FAQ page.